Lewistown Montana Real Estate

Lewistown and Central Montana Farm and Ranch Real Estate and Recreation Properties. Parsons Farm and Ranch Realty has over 50 years experience brokering farm and ranch real estate in Montana. We specialize primarily in Farm, Ranch, and Recreational properties. 

Based out of Lewistown Montana, we care for the land and people of central Montana like our forefathers did.

Owning real estate in Montana includes  owning a piece of American history in every square foot.  This is the land Lewis and Clark traveled in the 1800’s.  Later trading posts and military forts appeared and as time moved into the 1900’s homesteaders made their way west to enjoy the wide open skies and the chance to prosper as they settled this land.

Still today, the land remains mostly rural, where common folks live and raise their families.  Ranches and farms still span the majority of the area and the flavor of the west still remains.  Parson Farm and Ranch Realty sells real estate in Central Montana helping folks, like you become a part of this land we call home.