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Farms and Ranches in Montana

Farms and Ranches in Montana
Farms and Ranches in Montana

Located in the Judith Basin, Lewistown is an agricultural community located at the geographical center of Montana.  The area consists mostly of farms and ranches amidst the rolling prairie surrounded by five distinct mountain ranges, the Snowies, the Judiths, the Moccasins, the Belts, and the Highwoods.

Lewistown Montana truly is where the Mountains meet the Plains.  The area is known for its big game and bird hunting, fishing, camping, hiking and other recreational activities.  Cattle ranching and wheat farming provide the primary economic base.  Farms and Ranches are abundant in this area of Montana.

Montana farms and ranches are our primary focus at Parsons Farm and Ranch real estate.  We have been selling real estate specific to farmers and ranchers for more than 20 years. If you are interested in real estate in or around the Lewistown area please consider us and see how we can help you acquire your piece of Farm or Ranch real estate.

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