If you are a bird enthusiast and love the outdoors, you will certainly appreciate the thought, effort, personal care and time that went into the making of Wing Ranch. In the fall the chokecherries turn a deep purple that draws all kinds of birds. The Russian olive trees are a sanctuary from birds of prey while providing a treat for smaller birds. The improved wetlands host a variety of ducks and Canada geese.

Wing Ranch is in the heart of upland bird hunting in Central Montana. Miles of trees have been planted and maintained, dense nesting cover planted along the rows of trees, and water and wetlands have been enhanced. Some of the grain fields are being converted over to alfalfa to increase cover for Hungarian partridge and sharp tail grouse. If you enjoy hunting waterfowl, there are multiple ponds and water that hold a variety of ducks, especially in the fall. This property is in a great location for migrating ducks and geese. With the small grains next to the water and cover, ducks have both a food source and protection.

In the last 10 years, over 30,000 trees have been plated creating a variety of shelter belts along the East Fork of Salt Creek. Substantial dog kennels and other facilities related to bird hunting were also built.

The two ranch houses on the property have been completely restored to provide exceedingly comfortable accommodations and social spaces for owners and guests.

Wing Ranch is located approximately 35 miles northeast of Lewistown, Montana and covers 1,249 acres of high-quality crop ground.



Wing Ranch